Little Miami Railroad
April 20, 2010 Explorations No Comments

Two rail lines in Cincinnati, Ohio frame today’s Abandoned update. Covering the Little Miami Railroad — the second railroad in the state and the Baltimore and Ohio Southwest Spring Grove Industrial Track, both present a bit of history that is becoming long forgotten.

Chartered as Ohio’s second railroad, the Little Miami connected Cincinnati to Xenia and Springfield. It later connected with Columbus. The Little Miami was one of the most profitable railroads in the United States, although its usage and importance declined after World War II. After consolidations and mergers, the Little Miami was dismantled in 1976, and was revived less than a decade later as the longest rail to trail in the United States.

The following photographs are from the end of the line at the Montgomery Inn Boathouse east of downtown Cincinnati to the Undercliff Yards. Fellow historian Jeffrey Jakucyk, of Cincinnati Traction History, gave additional background to the railroad, which is penned below.

The second feature is small and modest. The Baltimore & Ohio Southwestern Railroad (B&O SW) Spring Grove Industrial Track was located in Cincinnati, Ohio and is currently out-of-service.

The former single-track alignment split from the mainline at the B&O SW Coleraine Avenue underpass, and proceeded south east of Spring Grove Avenue. By 1912, the line extended south to Brashears Street, but was extended as far south as Monmouth Street, where the trackage split to service two customers.

The rail line once served the manufacturing center of the Crosley Radio Corporation. It has been out of service for over a decade, with all track crossings removed.

Written by Sherman Cahal
Sherman Cahal is a photographer who has specialized in abandonments and historical structures for over 15 years.