2012 - Abandoned by Sherman Cahal

New Boston Coke

New Boston Coke was once part of the Portsmouth Steel complex that employed nearly 5,000 during its height in the mid-20th century.

Milroy, Indiana’s High School

Milroy, Indiana’s high school was constructed in 1913 with several large additions tacked on over the years.


The ruins of downtown Wheeling, West Virginia. Nearly an entire block of historic buildings – some of them very recently occupied, has been cleared for parking and grassy lots. Across the street, more historic building stock was cleared in the summer for more open space.

Crowell-Collier Publishing Company

The Crowell-Collier Publishing Company was the world’s largest magazine printing house and was located along High Street in Springfield, Ohio. But the massive 900,000 square-foot structure had humble beginnings.

Staircase at the Wick

An interior staircase view of the Wick Building in downtown Youngstown, Ohio.


The Crowell-Collier Publishing Company, once the world’s largest magazine publishing house, once boasted its printing operations in Springfield, Ohio.

New River, Holston and Western Railroad

While exploring Virginia’s back roads, I came upon the former New River, Holston and Western Railroad (NH&W) that once extended from the Norfolk & Western (N&W) at Narrows on the New River in Giles County to the village of Suiter in Bland County, Virginia. The 43-mile line followed Wolf Creek or its tributaries for its entire length.

Chesapeake Western Railway

On a recent business excursion to Virginia, I discovered the oft-forgotten Chesapeake Western Railway which was once proposed from Washington, D.C. to Cicninnati, Ohio. Only a segment from Elkton, Virginia westward to Stokesville was ever completed in its original intention. Although some of the railroad has been dismantled, portions remain active for the Norfolk Southern and for a short line.

The Paramount

The long abandoned Paramount Theatre is located in Youngstown, Ohio and was closed to regular performances in 1976.