Neel, Ohio - Abandoned by Sherman Cahal

Neel, Ohio

Deep within the hills in Neel, Ohio lies an abandoned country market and the remains of a covered span that washed away in 1997.

Neel, Ohio


  1. Where exactly is this located? I'm from the Cleveland area of Ohio and never heard of Neel.

    • It is in Brown County on the southern fringes of Ohio along SR 763.

  2. My last name is Neel I wonder if one of my family founded the town.

  3. Area was settled in by Samuel Neel in the early 1800’s. His family established a post office, A. E. Neel (Son) was a postmaster. His brother Middleton was my GGGF. Most of this family stayed in the area or moved to Iowa

  4. My grandfather is from nearby Decatur and the generations before him settled the area and the namesake stuck because of the post office. Very few of the Neel family live in the area.

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