Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church
May 15, 2014 In Focus 1 Comment

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to its fascinating history and its amazing architecture, the Woodward Avenue Presbyterian Church in Detroit, Michigan is one thatĀ needs to be saved. Let’s considerĀ that it was designed by the Cleveland, Ohio firm of Nicklas & Badgley in the Gothic Revival architectural style and that it was outfitted with curved wood pews and a distinct pipe organ from the Stevens Organ Company of Marietta, Ohio. That’s unique.

Even more noteworthy was that the church was designed in the Akron Plan auditorium type, a rarity. The fixed sweating was arranged in a semi-circle on two levels, lit by an open lantern in the center of a deep vaulted ceiling.

This church has been vacant for just a decade. But in Detroit, that’s an eternity. With a suspicious fire that gutted another vacant church down the street, the city and the community need to step up to prevent something similar from happening to this giant.

Written by Sherman Cahal
Sherman Cahal is a photographer who has specialized in abandonments and historical structures for over 15 years.