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11074923_965417953475822_6416323285233206627_oSince 1998, Abandoned has been a resource that provides access to historic structures across the United States that are abandoned, endangered, active and demolished. From pure silk mills to World War II-era ammunition plants to simple, well-crafted residences, Abandoned aims to document that of which is being forgotten.

Today, Abandoned has expanded the role into curating vintage collections from found items in abandoned and historic structures across the United States, and offering these limited, found items to the public for adaptive reuse.

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  • Email, for the quickest turnaround: sherman@abandonedonline.net
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  • Address: 201 Price Road, Unit 107, Lexington, Kentucky 40511


  1. Fascinating stuff you've got here. I've done a bit of exploring myself, found some interesting things, although I doubt that my shots are quite up to the quality of yours.

    • Hey, of note, Schiel Elementary on Short Vine (Corryvill, Cincinnati Ohio) was just razed flat in the past month or so. That was a beautiful building. Do you have any information on that?

  2. Any chance of the AK Coke Plant in Ashland, KY appearing on your site soon? I'm a former employee and would love to see the plant's current condition.


    • Unfortunately, it seems to be very well secured with cameras all about. My father worked there for a period and helped write up the plans for its closure.

  3. I would like more information about the Tahquamenon Artesian well water co.

  4. Hi Sherman–Just wanted to say thanks so much for taking us on a tour through St. Anthony's in Detroit a few weeks ago. We were really fortunate to have bumped into you and Sara. And the photos you took are wonderful. If you're ever out in CA (Oakland/Bay Area or LA) let me know. You would potentially need to consider checking out 16th st Station in Oakland, which I pass often, but never thought much about until recently.

  5. Hey Sherman i live right by old Grassy school in kentucky i was wondering if you could get some interior pics of it ive got a few picture though windows if you might want those

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