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Since 1998, Abandoned has been a resource that provides access to historic structures across the United States that are abandoned, endangered, active and demolished. From pure silk mills to World War II-era ammunition plants to simple, well-crafted residences, Abandoned aims to document that of which is being forgotten.

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  1. Fascinating stuff you've got here. I've done a bit of exploring myself, found some interesting things, although I doubt that my shots are quite up to the quality of yours.

    • Hey, of note, Schiel Elementary on Short Vine (Corryvill, Cincinnati Ohio) was just razed flat in the past month or so. That was a beautiful building. Do you have any information on that?

  2. Any chance of the AK Coke Plant in Ashland, KY appearing on your site soon? I'm a former employee and would love to see the plant's current condition.


    • Unfortunately, it seems to be very well secured with cameras all about. My father worked there for a period and helped write up the plans for its closure.

  3. I would like more information about the Tahquamenon Artesian well water co.

  4. Hi Sherman–Just wanted to say thanks so much for taking us on a tour through St. Anthony's in Detroit a few weeks ago. We were really fortunate to have bumped into you and Sara. And the photos you took are wonderful. If you're ever out in CA (Oakland/Bay Area or LA) let me know. You would potentially need to consider checking out 16th st Station in Oakland, which I pass often, but never thought much about until recently.

  5. Hey Sherman i live right by old Grassy school in kentucky i was wondering if you could get some interior pics of it ive got a few picture though windows if you might want those

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