Clear Creek Furnace

Industrial / Kentucky

Clear Creek Furnace is a former iron furnace near the town of Salt Lick in Bath County, Kentucky.

It was built in 1839 by W.A. Lane and W.S. Allen 12 and used charcoal for fuel and limonite, an abundant iron ore found in the region, to produce an extremely durable iron. The iron that was produced was mostly used to manufacture wheels for railway cars. The furnace operated until 1857 when the once-booming railroad industry waned in a financial panic.

In 1873, the furnace was rebuilt and renamed Bath Furnace. 12 In 1874 alone, the furnace produced more than 1,339 tons of iron, most of which went to the railroad industry. A financial panic of 1873 eventually forced the furnace to close in 1875.


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