Crestview Hills Mall, located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky at Dixie Highway and Interstate 275, opened in 1981.2 The 475,000 square-foot shopping mall was anchored by McAlpin’s and Dillard’s, along with numerous small shops.1 Crestview Hills, however, never reached full capacity due to increased competition from the Florence Mall.7 In addition, a planned third department store was never completed due to Interstate 275’s highway right-of-way consuming land that would have been used for the store.8 Tenants began leaving Crestview Hills Mall throughout the late 1990s, and by 2004, only Dillard’s and a handful of stores remained.

In early December 2002, Crestview Hills city council voted 4-3 for zoning modifications which shortened the distance a builder must put between a roadway and a shopping center building, and between the roadway and the shopping center parking lot.3 This was done at the request of Southwyck Company, the mall’s owners, to increase parking spots for customers. Anderson Real Estate began discussions to purchase the Crestview Hills Mall from Southwyck in order to redevelop the property into a lifestyle center.3 On November 11, 2003, Anderson stated to the city’s Economic Development and Zoning Committee that it had signed a letter of intent with Southwyck and was “ready to act.”7

On March 11, 2004, city council approved a preliminary site plan for the $65 million redevelopment, and agreed to let Anderson pay $5 million-plus over 20 years in lieu of property taxes as an incentive to redevelop the mall.6 Tentative plans called for the entire facility to be razed, then rebuilt with a new Dillard’s and up to 60 upscale specialty retailers and restaurants to be completed by Christmas 2005.6 7 8 In May, the city council approved of the redevelopment plans.5

On March 11, 2005, the Dillard’s department store opened its new location after a four-day trial run.5 It marked the completion of the first phase of the renamed Crestview Hills Mall redevelopment project. The new 200,000-square-foot store was rebuilt roughly one city block south of the old store that was demolished soon after the new store’s opening. Other retailers opened later in the year. The new lifestyle center was dedicated in November.4

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