The Grand Robinson Theatre is located in downtown Clarksburg, West Virginia and is currently mothballed awaiting restoration. The architecturally significant exterior features a Neo-Gothic facade with touches of Classical design, with a dark red brick and terra-cotta facade.1

The Clarksburg Theatre Company was formed in 1912 by a group of prominent businessmen in order to construct a $40,000 theatre on the north side of Pike Street that was not far in distance from the Masonic Temple.1 A grand opening was held on February 5, 1913 and was operated by Rueben Robinson and later by his brother, Claude Robinson.

In 1915, an $18,000 pipe organ was installed and was acclaimed as an organ with “a human voice.” During that year, the theater was equipped to show motion pictures. The Grand Robinson Theatre was the 13th theater in the United States to be wired for sound when it was installed in 1927.

The Robinson Grand was gutted by fire on May 31, 1939 but restored by 1940 for $600,110.1