The Recreation Farm Society, later called The Meadows, is an abandoned convalescent home in the Catskill Mountains of New York.


The Recreation Farm Society 2 began as a convalescent home 4 circa 1880 4 operated by the Workmen’s Benefit Fund. 5 The infirmary was meant for the underprivileged who could not afford the often high costs of a sanitarium. 5

Rates were listed as low as $3.50 per week for tuberculosis patients, $7 per week for others, including room, board and professional care in the 1950’s. 5

Improvements were made with new buildings in 1960 and 1974. 4

The Recreation Farm Society was closed by 2000. 4 It reopened as The Meadows resort, offering shuffleboard, hiking trails, cocktails and refreshments in the lounge, and family-styled meals. Lodging included The Maples, a motel style building with 20 rooms, The Juniper, a country-styled inn with 12 rooms, The Sycamore, with four rooms, The Birches, with three rooms.

In 2004, Simon Gelb brokered a deal to turn the closed Recreation Farm into a synagogue with a hotel and food on behalf of the Satmar community of Hasidic Jews. 3