West Virginia Motor Speedway is an abandoned dirt oval racetrack in north-central West Virginia. It has been closed since 2013.


The West Virginia Motor Speedway opened on May 19, 1985 with the All Star Circuit of Champions Late Model Series. 5 The site featured a 5/8-mile clay oval, terraced hillside seating, concrete bleachers and several acres of camping. 4

The fate of the speedway was undecided after the 2001 season after the KC Spurlock, the leaser of the West Virginia Motor Speedway, failed to make payments to a half dozen drivers. 3 Renegade Dirt Car Racing Series, which sanctioned the event, paid the drivers. Others, such as track staff, advertisers and others, went unpaid.

After the fiasco, Pat Minnite assumed the role of promoter after reaching agreements to operate the speedway. 2 The West Virginia Motor Speedway opened with the UDTRA Pro DirtCar Series on July 6, 2002.

The site closed for regular use after the 2011 racing season because of waning attendance. 1 In August 2012, the track was shortened from a 5/8-mile oval to 4/10-mile and the site was once again the host of several events until the track closed for good in 2013.

The owner of the idled racetrack, the PM Company, sought to lease the property. The company was held back after one of the main access roads to the property, Matheny Road, closed in April 2015 after a vehicular culvert collapsed after heavy rains. 1 Work to repair the culvert began in the fall of 2015 with work beginning in March 2016. The PM Company expects to lease the property in 2017.