The First German Reformed Church is an abandoned church in the East End neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.


First German Reformed Church was constructed in 1850 in the German immigrant heavy West End neighborhood. 1 The church featured a front limestone exterior with a side and rear built of brick.

Owing to changing demographics and anti-German hysteria post-World War I, the First German Reformed Church became known as the First Reformed Church in 1918. 1 2 After the neighborhood and congregation numbers began to decline in the 1960’s, the church was forced to sell the building in 1970.

The Freeman Avenue United Church of Christ occupied the church for an additional five years before closing. 1 2 The property was then transferred to Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses on November 18, 1993 and the church building was subsequently abandoned.

First German Reformed Church

The First German Reformed Church was slated for demolition until Over-the-Rhine Adopt, a service to match property owners to prospective buyers, found a buyer for the building. The church was marketed with a discount rate with the condition that the new owners make necessary repairs to stabilize the structure and pay all back taxes and fees.

Teddy Aitkins, Manny Hernandez and Skye White purchased the church on January 20, 2011 with the intent to reopen it as an art gallery and restaurant, but those plans did not come to fruition due to the high expense in rehabilitating the structure.