The Miami Chapel United Brethren Church, located on Miami Chapel Road about one mile southwest of downtown Dayton, Ohio, was located in what was known as Section 4.3

The earliest iteration of the church came into existence in 1846, when under the administration of F. Bonebrake, the first Miami Chapel class was organized.1 John Dodds and his wife, Ellenor Nicholas, Frederick Shupe, Sr., and his wife, Mrs. Elmira Rhinehart, and Mrs. Rachel Wheeler were listed as founding members. For two years, the congregation worshipped in a school house known as the Goliday school building located near Bolendear Avenue.

In 1848, Mr. Joseph P. Fleming and his wife, through their agent, Mr. Simon McClure, three-fourths of an acre of land to Frederick Shupe, Sr. and Reuben Dillow in trust for the construction of the United Brethren Church.1 The one-story brick church was constructed in the summer and fall of the year.1 3

The church was enlarged in 1851-1852 1 3 and rebuilt in 1912.2

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