Mt. Sterling Baptist Church was one of the first churches organized by the Baptists in 1796 in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky, and grew to a sizable congregation before relocating to the suburbs in 2000.1


The Mt. Sterling Baptist Church was located near the site of today’s Mary Chiles Hospital and built of round logs, but was demolished several years later in favor of a brick structure, which was also torn down around 1830. The demolished material was used in the construction of nearby Fort Mason.

A new brick building was completed at a cost of $5,200 in July 1871.1 In 1914, under the leadership of Reverend J.S. Wilson, the congregation voted upon that a more spacious church was needed. The congregation had few funds towards a new building and with the membership being quite small, they purchased the residence of the late Mrs. W. F. Hibbler on the corner of High Street and Howard Avenue and renovated the property into a church at a cost of $40,000. Additional monies were saved and a new facility was built at the corner of North Bank and West High streets in 1916.1

In 2000, Mt. Sterling Baptist relocated to a larger, suburban facility. A church group from the nearby city of Winchester purchased the property in 2005 and began renovations but was overwhelmed by the amount of work needed and abandoned the project.2 In August 2007, the Baptist Worship Center purchased former church and began hosting services.

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