Tecumseh Building - Abandoned

Tecumseh Building

The Tecumseh Building, also known as the Francis Drolla Building, located in downtown Springfield, Ohio, was designed by J.A. Poss and W.E. Russ in the early Commercial architectural style. The ten-story office building, faced with brick and cut stone, was built by the local Franciss J. Drolla Company 2 in 1922.1 The 108-room, 102-foot tower was considered proof and was finished at a cost of $200,000. Four years after opening, the upper floors had 41 tenants.

Although currently vacant, conceptual plans prepared by Shremshock Architects of Columbus called for 37 one- and two-bedroom apartments at a rebranded Rosewood Heights.

The Tecumseh Building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

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