A collection of abandoned railroad depots and other structures.

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Covington & Lexington Depot

Covington & Lexington Railroad

The Covington & Lexington Railroad (C&L) was incorporated in 1851 in Covington, Kentucky to connect to Lexington. The Paris depot was constructed in 1853 after several years of “agitation.”

Location: Paris, Kentucky
Status: Abandoned

Henderson Union Station

Henderson Union Station

Louisville & Nashville Railroad, Illinois Central Railroad, Henderson Road

The Henderson Union Station is a formerly abandoned Louisville & Nashville Railroad (L&N) passenger station in Henderson, Kentucky. It is currently being restored.

Location: Henderson, Kentucky
Status: Being Renovated

January 2013

Russell YMCA

Cheapeake & Ohio Railroad

The Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad (C&O) Russell YMCA is located in Russell, Kentucky and provided overnight lodging, baths, meeting space, and other accommodations for railroad workers before closing in 1992.

Location: Russell, Kentucky
Status: Abandoned

Michigan Railroad Station

Michigan Central Station

Michigan Central Railroad

Michigan Central Station is located in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, Michigan and was constructed in 1913 for the Michigan Central Railroad.

Location: Detroit, Michigan
Status: Under Renovations

Buffalo Central Terminal

Buffalo Central Terminal

New York Central Railroad

The Buffalo Central Terminal is a closed railroad station for the New York Central Railroad (NYC) in Buffalo, New York.

Location: Buffalo, New York
Status: Under Renovations/Abandoned

Baltimore & Ohio Depot (St. Bernard, Ohio)

Baltimore & Ohio Depot

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad

The Baltimore & Ohio Depot at St. Bernard, Ohio was constructed for the Baltimore & Ohio Railroad and accommodated freight and passengers.

Location: St. Bernard, Ohio
Status: Abandoned

Big Four Railroad Depot (Springfield, Ohio)

Big Four Railroad Depot

Big Four Railroad

The Big Four Railroad Depot was located in downtown Springfield, Ohio at Washington and Spring Street. The depot was constructed on the site of one of two Indian mounds in the city. It was demolished in 1969.

Location: Springfield, Ohio
Status: Demolished


Canton YMCA

Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway

The YMCA for the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago Railway (PFW&C) in east Canton, Ohio provided overnight lodging, baths, meeting space and other accommodations for railroad workers.

Location: Canton, Ohio
Status: Demolished

Cleveland Railway Company Cedar Avenue Substation

Cedar Avenue Substation

Cleveland Railway

The Cedar Avenue substation was constructed in 1917, and was the first automatic substation completed for the Cleveland Railway Company.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Status: Abandoned

East Cleveland Railroad Cedar Avenue Power House

Cedar Avenue Power House

East Cleveland Railroad

Over the period of a century, the collection of industrial structures from Cedar Avenue south to Thackeray Avenue along Ashland Road in Cleveland, Ohio have been home to a variety of uses and a variety of businesses. Beginning as a power house for the East Cleveland Railroad in 1888, the plant was reused for the Cleveland Ice Machine Company, Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing and then Thompson Products. Under Thompson, it became part of the Thompson Aircraft Products Company Pump Division, which manufactured pumps and valves for the military and industries in the United States. After Thompson vacated in the mid-1960s, the structures became home to the Virden Manufacturing Company until its abrupt closure in 1979.

Location: Cleveland, Ohio
Status: Abandoned

Lake Shore Electric Railway

Lake Shore Electric Railway Cars

Lake Shore Electric Railway

The Lake Shore Electric Railway is a former interurban railway between Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio via Sandusky and Fremont. The LSE was formed in 1901, growing to a height of over 60 miles by the 1910’s. The Niles Car & Manufacturing Company of Niles, Ohio manufactured many of the LSE cars, while the LSE Sandusky Shop handled others. The Great Depression took its toll on the interurban and the LSE was abandoned in 1938.

Location: Ohio
Status: Abandoned

Monongahela Railway Union Station

Union Station

Union Station is an abandoned combination train station and office building that was used by the Monongahela Railway in downtown Brownsville, Pennsylvania.

Location: Brownsville, Pennsylvania
Status: Abandoned

Vintage Electric Streetcars

Vintage Electric Streetcars

Vintage electric streetcars are located adjacent to a former coal mine in rural Pennsylvania.

Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Active

Coster Repair Shops

Coster Repair Shops

The Coster Repair Shops for the Southern Railway was constructed in 1895 in Knoxville, Tennessee and at its peak, employed over 1,200. It was named after Charles Henry Coster, founder of the Southern Railway System. The facility closed in 1995.

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
Status: Demolished