Paris Tuberculosis Hospital

The Paris Tuberculosis Hospital, located in Paris, Kentucky, was constructed from 1946 to 1948.

Designed for just patients riddled with tuberculosis, the 1–bed hospital was dedicated on June 14, 1950 with an estimated 1,500 attending the opening ceremonies.1 It was the third such facility in the state, constructed with others in Ashland, London, Madisonville and Glasgow. The state provided $2.7 million towards the administrative and operational costs of the facilities, a drop in the bucket for what was needed. At the time, no cure to the disease was known, according to Commissioner of Health Bruce Underwood, withan estimated 1,500 dying each year from the disease.

According to Underwood, the hospital would be wholly inadequate to care for more than a small portion of the tubercular cases needing treatment in the 20 county area the facility was designed to serve upon opening.1 By law, the beds in the hospital must be allotted to the counties on a population basis, and some counties that have high tuberculosis rates would only receive two or three beds in the hospital. Nevertheless, work began to process patient applications om July 1 and the first patients were admitted on July 24.

The tuberculosis hospital closed in the late 1970’s and it was proposed in the late 1980’s of converting the building into an apartment complex for the elderly.1 No work was completed and the hospital was demolished in early 2012.

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  1. Hello My Name Is Brenda:

    And I recently moved here to Paris Kentucky I have An big Interest In Researching, the History of The TB Hospital Of Paris, Bourbon County.. I would Be highly Interested in knowing If you have any more Information and Pictures of the Doctors And Nurses & Staff also of the Patients of the hospital.. I Am doing a research and study of the desease of Tuberculosis and so living here in Kentucky this Is a Honor to me, If You Can help me I would really Appreciate your help.

    Thank You


    Brenda Vreede

    P.S. I would also like to know How I could become a voulnteer of the Historic Society?

  2. i was once a patient at that hospital i was treated for histoplasmoses when i was 7 or 8 years old there waw a man that played cards with me every night and they put on a christmas play i was the only child in the hospital at that time they got me a baby that away they tried to find me a table and chairs ,and one of the nurses made me a raggedy andy doll my mother got to come see me once a week and the little man would come and play some form of cards with or he would read too me as well as the nurses would and i havent forgot it and im 43 getting ready to turn44 im thankful that i had strangers to care about as well as my own family if ti had not for sam i would not be able to talk about it now he always told me he d be with me i was a lucky little girl . its amazing what u remember when u were a young girl u never forget kindness and love for others especially the dr and sam.

  3. Does any one the exact location of this building? i live in the nashville Tn area I know of the Paris area but not this location, I am doing an art project for my portfolio and would love to photograph this beautful building? Thank you

  4. My name is Ruth Clark. I was a patient there in 1962. I was there from March 28,1962 until Dec. 9, 1962. That hospital saved my life. I had T B in both lungs. There 3 floors of patients. I can. tell you many things about the hospital.

  5. I was a patient there in 1962. I could tell you many things about the hospital. The people there saved my life. If you would be interested in talking to me my phone no. Is 606-584-7433.

    • Ruth- I am interested in hearing about your experiences at the hospital. I live in downtown Paris KY and while the structure no longer stands, I am going to find the grounds it was on to help cleanse the deceased, as I am a psychic medium who “like the tv show Ghost Whisperer” helps the trapped spirits cross over. Especially the children…. I would like to know if you are aware of any cemetery that was on the grounds at the time. Thank you I am happy that you were saved from TB! I am sure it was quite a frightening experience. Blessings

  6. Amazing how much this looks like the Glasgow hospital. My Dad worked there from the mid 50’s until retirement in the 1980’s. It had been converted to the State Mental Hospital.
    The structure has been torn down and rebuilt.

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