The Paris Tuberculosis Hospital is a former tuberculosis hospital that operated in Paris, Kentucky from 1950 to the late 1970’s.


The Paris Tuberculosis Hospital operated for patients that had contracted tuberculosis, an infectious and contagious disease. The facility was dedicated during a ceremony that included 1,500 guests on June 14, 1950. 1 It was the third dedicated tuberculosis in the state. Patient applications began to be processed on July 1 and the first admissions were handled on July 24.

The state provided $2.7 million towards the administrative and operational costs of the hospitals, which included complexes in Ashland, London, Glasgow and Madisonville. 1 Paris’ hospital was to serve a 20 county area and was expected to be at capacity within the year.

The development of the drug streptomycin led to a dramatic decline of tuberculosis rates and deaths in the United States. 1 Most of the state tuberculosis hospitals in the state, including Paris’, closed in the late 1970’s. In the 1980’s, it was proposed to convert the shuttered hospital into an apartment complex for the elderly.

After remaining abandoned for several decades, the Paris Tuberculosis Hospital was demolished in 2012. 1