The Veterans Memorial Hospital in Pomeroy, Ohio opened on September 20, 1962 2 and was dedicated to the memory of Meigs County veterans.1 The 41-bed 30,000 square-foot facility was expanded in 1971 to include 88-beds.2 The hospital closed in 2001 and is currently used for storage.1

In early 2008, the county considered renovating the former emergency room wing for use by the 911 and Emergency Medical Services operations.1 The cost of making the necessary repairs and installing an air conditioning and heating system required for the computer equipment was estimated at $300,000. The idea was canceled because the utility plant for the building does not easily allow for the service to be divided.

The county later began exploring other reuse options for the property. Gladys Cumings of Racine suggested that the facility be reused as a medical clinic, although it was later ruled out as a potential location due to cost-prohibitive code upgrades.1 Efforts to receive federal funding to open a community health center in the building were rejected by the federal government four times, although the county’s model for such a center was twice approved.3

Another option included converting the building into an office complex with less cost, with several private business owners expressing interest in space within the facility.1

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