The Buffalo Springs Distillery, located in Stamping Ground, Kentucky, was owned by Crigler and Crigler. The distillery was first constructed as a woolen mill in 1864 by McMillan and Wright1 and converted into a distillery two years later by Robert Samuels & Company.

In 1934, a larger facility was constructed.1 Ownership transferred to the Stagg Company in 1941 and the Schenley Distillery in 1951. It closed in 1968 after the last barrel of bourbon was rolled out of the warehouse.

The six-acre distillery complex was auctioned in 1998.1 A Louisville business person was at one point interested in converting the complex into a micro-brewery. Will Linder and Associates of Berea prepared an application to request the distillery be placed on the National Register of Historic Places which opened up the possibility of grants and loans. Instead, the Buffalo Springs Distillery was demolished in 2007.

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