Located within the heavily polluted former West Virginia Ordnance Works facility north of Point Pleasant, West Virginia along West Virginia Route 62, Pantasote was a manufacturer of resins.

When the West Virginia Ordnance Works was in operation from 1942 to 1945, it heavily polluted the ground with chemicals on over 8,000 acres. When the factory closed after the war had concluded, the land was seeded over to the local government. Chemicals that had been dumped into the ground had contaminated wells and harmed wildlife, issues that were first raised in 1979. In 1983, the land at the former Ordinance Works facility was put on the EPA’s National Priority List.1 2

Prior to that discovery, a small fraction of this land was given over to Pantasote Incorporated, which began its West Virginia resin manufacturing operations in the 1960s. After the factory closed in 1986, it was discovered that the plant had contaminated the ground water in the vicinity with trichloroethene.1

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