The Superior Portland Cement Company was located in Superior, Ohio along the Detroit, Toledo & Ironton Railroad.1

Superior was located at Center Furnace, which converted raw materials, such as coke or charcoal, limestone and air into pig iron.2 In 1906, the Superior Portland Cement Company was organized with a capital stock of $10,000, which was raised to $525,000 in accordance to its original plans.7 The company purchased the furnace and 7,5000 acres of land for $100,000. A cement mill was constructed a year later.3

Superior had a drift opening into limestone seams that were six feet thick. The cement mill had a capacity of 2,000 barrels per day.6

In 1932, the company was vested to New York Coal Sales Company of Columbus, but operated as a wholly-owned subsidiary.3 On January 1, 1949, the subsidiary dissolved and became the Superior Cement Division of the New York Coal Sales Company. The company was sold to the Marquette Cement Manufacturing Company on January 4, 1954 5 and then to Kosmosdale on March 28, 1988.4

The Kosmosdale cement mill closed in 1986 due to labor disputes.

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