The Krypton Loadout was a small surface coal mining operation one mile west of Krypton, Kentucky. It is located along the CSX Eastern Kentucky Subdivision, formerly part of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad.

Constructed in 1975,1 the Krypton mine was marked as active in 2002.2 It was initially operated by Buchanan Fuel, Inc. had a permitting number of 897-6027. Coal would be transferred to a conveyor to a stacking tube, which would dump coal onto an even surface so that it could be pushed into a conveyor in a tunnel. From there, the coal would be analyized for impurities and then shifted to a flood-loader. The loader would funnel the coal into a 100-car siding for the C&O.

The mine has since closed but may reopen under the International Coal Group with a permitting number of 897-8043.3


  • Name: Buchanan Fuel Krypton Loadout
  • Location: Krypton, Kentucky
  • Years of Significance: 1975
  • Status: Abandoned


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