Elk Creek Coal Company Preparation Plant - Abandoned by Sherman Cahal

Elk Creek Coal Company Preparation Plant

The Elk Creek Coal Company Preparation Plant was located in Emmett, West Virginia. Emmett was once a coal camp community owned by the Elk Creek Coal Company, later purchased by the Guyan Eagle Coal Company.1 Much of the town was demolished to make way for a mountaintop mining site.

The preparation plant was owned by the Island Creek Coal Company to process coal that came out of their No. 10 mine.1 CONSOL purchased it years later and renamed it to the Elk Creek facility and was active until 1997 when it was put into idled status. The facility has since been demolished.



  1. Stollings is the name of a small town one mile up the river from Logan, but it sounds as if the Stollings you're talking about is somewhere between Man and Gilbert. If there is such a place, it may have gotten its name from a prominent coal operator named Garnet Stollings, who was associated with, I think, a mine on Huff Creek. The real Stollings — the town I was raised in, by the way — was named for Floyd D. Stollings, who owned all the land where the present town is located.

    Robert Harvey

  2. My grandpa worked here. He was in an accident in Sept 1952 where a hose from an oxygen/acetylene tank blew up.

  3. My grand pa (Garland Vance) worked there..and my great grand pa (John C. Vance) was the postmaster

  4. My mother was born in Logan county West Virginia. She pasted 10 years ago. While going through some of her possessions tonight I came across what looks like a coin, the size of a dime but the color of a penny. The coin has a design cut out in the center. The wording on one side says "Elk Creek Coal Company" around the top and "ECCo Emmett W Va" at the bottom. The other side says "Payable in Merchandise Only" at the top and "Not Transferable" at the bottom of the coin. Does anyone know anything about its history? I know my grandfather was a coal miner – John Cogswell.

    • My grandparents and great grand parents were vances and them and my dad arland hatfield all work in the mine there on the holler.
      my mom work at the company store . our family is buried there on the hill..My brother was ran over by a coal truck there in 59 we all had to move and leave elk creek in 60 … so yes them mine up there is really old. and more memorys then ever…

  5. My mother was raised on Elk Creek and grandparents lived there all their lives in old coal company houses. I can remember when the place was booming and lively My grandparents lived across from the tiple during their last days at Elk Creek and I can still remember hearing the constant noise and the whistle blowing during shift change. The community had everything they needed: school, bar and grill, doctor’s office, church, post office, and the company store. Everyone was close knit and God-fearing. Those people left many memories even though there is nothing left of what was once known as a booming place. Once a year, the remaining people from who are still living gather at Verner Recreation Center to meet, greet, eat and talk about the good old days on Elk Creek. I will always have great memories of the people and visiting my grandparents during the good old days of Elk Creek, West Virginia.

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