Louisville Varnish Company - Abandoned by Sherman Cahal

Louisville Varnish Company

The Louisville Varnish Company, located at 1400 Maple Street in Louisville, Kentucky, was founded in 1883 as the Louisville Asphalt Mining and Importing Company.1

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  1. Also got some pix inside here, this is a photographers playground!

  2. I worked here in the 70's these are great photos I would like to see the insides again it really looks like it changed.



  3. Does anyone have a more accurate description/address of where this place is located? My friends and I are planning on traveling the midwest and filming a documentary called "Map of Forgotten Places."

  4. I have located old stock shares from the 1927’s. If you are interested, please contact me.

  5. My husband Ken Miller worked there in the early 1970’s.

  6. Worked for this company approx. 30 years (57-85) in the sales of the Fixall paint line which grew to be the largest portion of the business. Co. was sold to R. Tatum , a Canadian real estate man and cousin of Morris Eble who was president at the time, in approx.1959-60. Tatum died in 1985(approx.) and company was inherited by two sons Matt and Kitt. Neither had any business experience so the Company was sold to Don Kurfees which was a disaster for most all employees myself included. Kurfees had tried to buy the company when Tatum placed his bid but none of the sales force would work for him, so he finally got his revenge in 1985. Treatment of employees was really bad when the purchase was final. Understand the company has been sold several times since this all took place.

  7. Is there any money for retiredment for pass employees?

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