The Pilgrim Glass Company was located in Ceredo, West Virginia and was founded in 1949 by Alfred Knobler after he acquired the Tri-State Glass Manufacturing Company in Huntington. Knobler held a degree in ceramic engineering and the movement into glass was lucrative.1 Pilgrim moved to Airport Road in nearby Ceredo in 1956 to be close to the new Tri-State Airport.

Early production pieces of Pilgrim included hand-blown crackle glass, which was created by immersing the glass into cold water and then quickly reheating it.1 Cranberry glass, which was a temperamental combination of gold and lead oxide, led Pilgrim to become the largest producer of cranberry in the world.

After not finding a buyer for the business, Knobler closed Pilgrim Glass on April 1, 2002.1


  • Name: Pilgrim Glass Company
  • Location: Ceredo, West Virginia
  • Years of Significance: 1949
  • Status:


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