Plibricore Refractories - Abandoned by Sherman Cahal

Plibricore Refractories

The Plibrico Jointless Fire Brick Company in Oak Hill, Ohio was founded in 1928 in Chicago, Illinois and purchased the Fire Brick plant owned by the Hitchcock interests at Fire Brick six miles southwest of town on OH 140. At that site, Plibrico produced new refractory specialities that consisted of high temperature cements for brick laying purposes, unfired clay materials that were referred to as plastic fire brick, castables and other products.1

In 1969, the Plibricore leased the brick kilns and the main manufacturing building at Cedar Heights where it produced insulating aggregate and refractory cast blocks.2


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  1. My grandfather James Johnston travelled fro Argentina to Chicago in 1928. We think he worked for Plibrico. Do you have any archives I could search?
    Many Thanks

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