Selby Shoe Company

The Selby Shoe Company was located along South Third Street in Ironton, Ohio, and was located in a self-constructed, four-story factory that was completed in 1926.2 On October 29, 1943, the building was purchased by the Wilson Athletic Goods Manufacturing Company.1


  • Name: Selby Shoe Company
  • Location: South Third Street in Ironton, Ohio
  • Years of Significance:
  • Status:


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  1. Is there anyone out there who can tell us something about a reverse etched glass "SELBY ARCH PRESERVER SHOES" sign that I have?

    I would be happy to send photos!


    Stu Neyland

  2. Sure, what do you want to know? Be happy to buy it from you at a good price.

  3. Stu: Selby Shoe Co was my Great Grandmothers family. Send a photo and rough size of the glass sign and I can tell you what I know about it. Have you owned it for a long time?


    Larry R. Burfield

    Bexley, Ohio

    • Hi Larry,
      On a different angle. I am a genealogist and have connections to two Selby's from the shoe company –
      Sam and Thomas. Do you have an interest in these two people?

  4. I have a Leather Pilots Helmet with this tag inside. In perfect condition. i love it.
    Helmets Intermediate Flying
    Type A-11
    Specification No. 3189 B
    Size- Medium
    AAF Stock No, 8300-396015
    ORD. NO.(33-038) 45-9730A.F.
    The Selby Shoe Company

    • I just bought a pilots helmet from ebay that is almost the same kind. Do you know for sure if this was work by WWII pilots?

  5. I have a pair of high top lace up ladies shoes. Label is Arch Preserver Shoe, made by Selby Shoe Company, Portsmouth Ohio, patent Nos 1237464 & 1249318. What can anyone tell me about this shoe?

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