Selby Shoe Company - Abandoned

Selby Shoe Company

The Selby Shoe Company was located along South Third Street in Ironton, Ohio, and was located in a self-constructed, four-story factory that was completed in 1926.2 On October 29, 1943, the building was purchased by the Wilson Athletic Goods Manufacturing Company.1



  1. Is there anyone out there who can tell us something about a reverse etched glass "SELBY ARCH PRESERVER SHOES" sign that I have?

    I would be happy to send photos!


    Stu Neyland

  2. Sure, what do you want to know? Be happy to buy it from you at a good price.

  3. Stu: Selby Shoe Co was my Great Grandmothers family. Send a photo and rough size of the glass sign and I can tell you what I know about it. Have you owned it for a long time?


    Larry R. Burfield

    Bexley, Ohio

    • Hi Larry,
      On a different angle. I am a genealogist and have connections to two Selby's from the shoe company –
      Sam and Thomas. Do you have an interest in these two people?

      • Hi Jim
        Wondering if you have any information connecting the Selby Shoes in Erskinville, Sydney Australia with the American Company.
        My Grandmothers Name Was Edith Selby { born in Erskinville Sydney in 1890 } and was said to be part of the Selby Shoe family. Edith was disowned for Marrying my Aboriganal Grandfather and her family was never mentioned.
        so i am trying to find if there is a conection.
        Kindest Regards
        William Ham

  4. I have a Leather Pilots Helmet with this tag inside. In perfect condition. i love it.
    Helmets Intermediate Flying
    Type A-11
    Specification No. 3189 B
    Size- Medium
    AAF Stock No, 8300-396015
    ORD. NO.(33-038) 45-9730A.F.
    The Selby Shoe Company

    • I just bought a pilots helmet from ebay that is almost the same kind. Do you know for sure if this was work by WWII pilots?

    • Phil,
      We recently found the same helmet. The last two # were the only thing different. Have you found out any more information?

  5. I have a pair of high top lace up ladies shoes. Label is Arch Preserver Shoe, made by Selby Shoe Company, Portsmouth Ohio, patent Nos 1237464 & 1249318. What can anyone tell me about this shoe?

  6. We have a WWII Army Air Force Flying Hemet which was produced by the Selby Shoe Company. It is in beautiful condition. Can you tell me more about it?

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