Springfield Metallic Casket Company - Abandoned by Sherman Cahal

Springfield Metallic Casket Company

The Springfield Metallic Casket Company was located in Springfield, Ohio. Established in 1884, the factory was the largest producer of metallic caskets in the United States.1




  1. My Dad, Louie H. Cremeens, worked at Metallic Casket Co. for many years, first on the line and then as a driver delivering the caskets to funeral homes.

    • What all is listed in the catalog? I’m from Springfield and several years ago my wife bought a antique settee she wants to redo. When she removed the material burlap was left and stenciled on it is “The Springfield Metallic Casket Co.” We wondered if they not only sold caskets but also other “parlor” furniture. Would love to see this catalog!

  2. I have a catalog from this company and a letter inside that is dated 5/23/1927. It was signed by Bert R. Richeson. I would like to find someone related to this person or company and send this to them. I found it along with other companies in an old funeral home I brought 20 years ago. Sorry I am just now getting this taken care of.
    Please contact me by email and I will send it out

    Thank You
    Pat Deeds

    • It’s good to know you saved those old catalogs. I had nothing to do with Springfield Metallic but I was in the casket business for over 50 yrs. Springfield built an elliptic shell in two sizes. After the Demise of SMC their dies were bought, and shells produced, by another manufacturer. The SMC elliptic casket shell was by far the best product of that style. If you don’t find another taker, I’d be glad to add the catalogs you have to my small collection. I never knew any of their sales persons, or management. I can’t help you that way..

    • Would love to see this catalog! Wrote a reply to the wrong person I believe… read my reply to the first comment! Thanks!

  3. My grandparents worked there and met each other while working there. Clarence Hodge and Mildred Vetter Hodge.

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