Ohio River Lock and Dam No. 34 is located in Chilo, Ohio and was utilized by the United States Army Corps of Engineers for the operation of the lock along the Ohio River. Located in northwest Lewis County 4.6 miles downstream of Vanceburg, No. 32 was part of a 53 dam system built between 1875 and 1929 from the Missisisppi River to Pittsburgh.1 The lot is located on a high terrace overlooking the Ohio River and all 13 buildings face the river, and included nine houses, a maintenance shed, paint locker, eight car garage and powerhouse.Work on the lock and dam complex began in 1914; the physical buildings were not built until 1924 by the National Construction Company. The site was finished at a cost of $3.336 million in 1925 and was formally dedicated on October 6.

The dam featured 200 wickets that could take several hours to raise or lower by hand.3 The single lock chamber measured 600 feet long by 110 feet wide.

Lock and Dam No. 34 was rendered obsolete when the Captain Meldahl lock and dam was completed downstream in December 1964.1 2 The lock and dam was demolished soon after its opening.

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