Henry, West Virginia

Henry, West Virginia, located along the North Branch Potomac River at Elk Run, was a company town for the Henry Brothers Coal and Coke Company, a subsidiary of the Davis Coal and Coke Company. It was the first settled town on the North Branch Potomac, and was built in 1901 and served by the West Virginia Central and Pittsburg Railway.1 The population increased to 250 by 1921, but was a ghost town by 1974 with just one house remaining.

Signage at the gate for the Henry operations included,

  • Island Creek Coal Company/Laurel Run Mining Company had a permit for the Potomac Mine from 1990.
  • Island Creek Coal Company had a permit from 1996 for the Elk Run freshwater impoundment.
  • Laurel Run Mining Company had a refuse disposal permit for Alpine Plant No. 2 from 2001.
  • Mettiki Coal had a permit for the Mountain View Mine from 2004.

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