The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant (USEC), located in Piketon, Ohio, was part of a United States government program to produce highly enriched uranium to fuel nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons. Operations began in 1954 and ended in May 2001, when enrichment operations were moved to Paducah, Kentucky. In 2002, transfer and shipping operations were also consolidated at Paducah. Today, the USEC is home to the American Centrifuge Demonstration Facility and work has begun on the American Centrifuge Plant, a next-generation uranium enrichment facility.

The plant was served by a Chesapeake and Ohio spur from Germany westward, which was constructed prior to the USEC’s opening in 1954. It included a significant trestle above Happy Hollow. The line was dismantled some time after 1995 and before 2006. The facility was also served by the Norfolk Western, now known as Norfolk Southern, from the west, which remains active.

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