[column size=”col-7″]The Louisville, Cincinnati and Lexington Railroad connects Louisville, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio. It later became part of the Louisville & Nashville and is part of the CSX Transportation system today.


A railroad connecting Louisville, Kentucky to Cincinnati, Ohio was completed in 1869 by the Louisville, Cincinnati & Lexington Railroad (LC&L).1 The line was known as the “Short Line,” as it was shorter from Louisville to Cincinnati in comparison to the B&O/B&O Southwestern/Ohio & Mississippi route on the Indiana side of the Ohio River, via North Vernon.

In 1872, the Newport & Cincinnati Bridge over the Ohio River was completed, allowing the Short Line to cross between Kentucky and Ohio, and interchange with Cincinnati terminals alongside the Pittsburgh, Cincinnati & St. Louis Railway Company (PC&St.L) (Little Miami Railroad).1

In 1881, the LC&L experienced severe financial difficulties, and as a result, the Louisville & Nashville (L&N) purchased the line.1 The LC&L was then expanded across the east side of Louisville.

In 1897, the PCC&St.L rebuilt the Newport & Cincinnati Bridge to accommodate heavier loads.1 It was subsequently sold to the L&N seven years later.

In 1982, the LC&L became part of the Seaboard System Railroad. The Newport & Cincinnati Bridge was taken out of service in 1984.1

In 1986, the Seaboard became part of CSX, and is now known as the CSX LCL subdivision from Latonia, Kentucky to Louisville.

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