The William Tarr House, the homestead of A.J. Hitt and William Tarr, is an abandoned antebellum near Millersburg, Kentucky.

A.J. Hitt, an operator of a flour and grist mill in Millersburg from 1865 to 1866, 1 constructed a Federal style residence south of the city. The house was elaborate in all of its finishes, featuring fine Flemish-bond brickwork and extensive wood paneling.

At a point prior to 1877, William Tarr, a farmer and distiller, purchased the residence and renovated the building with Italianate styling. 1 Tarr, an astute businessman, worked with Hibler and George C. White in the Chicken Cock Distillery in nearby Paris in the 1860’s. By 1877, Tarr was proprietor of the Ashland Distilling Company in Lexington.

The house was used until 1985. 1