Closed in 1991, Cove School was located in downtown Weirton, West Virginia.


Cove School was closed in 1991.5 The former school property was the subject of heated debate since its closure over whether or not it was a historical structure.4 The Weirton Historic Landmarks Commission presented to the City Council several documents in an attempt to validate its status, which included a letter from the West Virginia Division of Culture and History, saying a review of the property under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 was out of date; it was last reviewed five years prior.4

In May, the city’s efforts to demolish the school was delayed due to a pending review of information from the Environmental Protection Agency.3 The school’s 5,000 square feet of roofing and 35,000 square feet of tile floor needed to undergo asbestos abatement at a cost of $79,000. The city had previously removed hazardous materials to save approximately $171,000.

Two months later, the city turned to the Redevelopment Authority to see if the $100,000 in their budget for the Downtown Streetscape Project could be put toward the demolition.3 The city held off on the redistribution of those funds, and waited instead for the EPA. The EPA approved a grant issuing $200,000 towards the reimbursement of the costs of asbestos abatement.3 6 In September, the city placed several bids for demolition, with costs ranging from $99,000 to $210,000; Pulice Construction Company, with the lowest bid, was awarded the contract in a 6-0 City Council vote to demolish the school.4

Preparation for demolition of Cove School began on November 13, with Pulice Construction Company capping sewer lines.2 Demolition began on the former school on November 17.1


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