Edmonton High School

Edmonton, Kentucky’s high school was organized in January of 1910.1 Construction of the first permanent structure for the school began in 1923 and was completed in the following year.2


  • Name: Edmonton High School
  • Location: Edmonton, Kentucky
  • Years of Significance: 1910, 1923
  • Status: Abandoned


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  1. Is there any possibility that there could be architectural salvage before this building is lost forever? Would love to hear back from someone or the current owner. Thanks DT

  2. I remember going to school there. It was a beautiful bulding.Mr. Scott would sit up in his office and watch the buses unload and sometime he would be outside watch us get off the bus. He was a very special man.. Everyone love him. It is a shame to see it like it how. Lot of remember there for all of us.

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