Kentucky School for the Deaf - Abandoned by Sherman Cahal

Kentucky School for the Deaf


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  1. I'm not sure why this school is on this site. If this is the Danville, Kentucky campus, which it appearrs to be, it is still in full use.

  2. I think it is listed on here because many of the buildings look to not be in use. At least from the road that is the appearance.

  3. I am an alum of that school. The one that is covered in vines is the Old Lee Hall. It ceased use as a school building in 1980 when the campus was moved to other side of the street. It was used as a storage for a few years before it sat in it’s current state until recently. The nicer looking building next to it was Rogers Hall and was our gym for many years – closed sometime in the 90’s due to age and dwindling enrollment at the school. The third industrial looking building was the maintance shed/laundry house – laundry operations ceased in the 90’s and it is still in use with maintenance. There were 3 other buildings that stood along that street 2 were dorms: Gallaudet and Clerc Hall and McCowan Infirmary. All were torn down in the early 80’s.

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