The Middleport Elementary School in Middleport, Ohio closed in 2003 after new facilities were constructed.


The Middleport Elementary School was constructed as a replacement of the Park Street School and was closed in May 2003 when Meigs Elementary School was constructed near Rutland.1 A grant through the Governor’s Office of Appalachia funded a feasibility study on the conversion of the school was granted in 2002 upon news that the facility would be relocated.2 The Meigs Local Board of Education agreed to turn the village’s three school buildings that would be closed over to the village of Middleport. The $8,500 grant was used to develop plans for and determine the costs of constructing a new jail at the rear of the building near the gymnasium and converting classroom and office space into village offices and public space.

In February 2004, it was announced that the Middleport village offices would be relocated into the school building by May.3 The village council would continue to pursue grant funding for the construction of the new jail addition, and therefore, the police department and jail would remain in the Race Street village hall.

No funds were secured for the actual conversion of the school.1

In March 2007, the Middleport Village Council voted in agreement to rent a wing of the former school to Jim Wilson, who relocated the Old Glory Auction House to the property.4


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