The Middleport High School in Middleport, Ohio relocated in the 1990s and the building was reused for the Middleport Middle School until closed in 2003.


The Middleport High School was constructed in XXXX and was later used by the Meigs Local School District as the Meigs Middle School.

In the early 2000s, the school district announced that the facility would be relocated and the building closed. As a result, the village of Middleport began discussions in late-2002 with the University of Rio Grande for an expanded Meigs Center to occupy the school building. In December 2002, however, the Rio Grande Community College Board of Trustees voted against the occupation of the former middle school, citing the high estimated cost of renovating the building. An architect’s estimate to renovate and convert the space for Rio’s needs would exceed $1 million.4

In March 2003, the board appointed a committee to explore options for a facilities expansion for the Meigs branch. The vice president for financial and administrative affairs, Luanne Bowman, stated that a facility expansion was “very likely to materialize.”6

Later that month, discussions began on a possible partnership with Hocking college.5 According to preliminary redevelopment plans, the college would offer classes and establish a small-business incubator.

In April, it was announced that the Rio Grande Community College Meigs Center was once again interested in the middle school site, along with a few other sites, for expansion.6

One month later, the middle school relocated to newer facilities in Rocksprings.1 The football field was leased to the Middleport Youth Football League at no cost.2

Post closure

In January 2004, The Legends Realty Company was given 30-days to inspect the high school and adjacent Central Building in order to evaluate it as a potential site for an apartment complex.7 According to Developer Joe Wolfla, an estimated 35 apartment units could be constructed in the former high school, with funds being supported by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In March, the village of Middleport stated that they would consider an “outright sale” of the school and grounds if the Legends Realty Company made an offer.8 Mayor Sandy Iannarelli stated that the council would consider any offer for a purchase, whether the proposal involves only the buildings or the buildings and grounds.

In January 2005, bids were opened at a minimum price of $300,000 for the high school although there were no bidders on the property.2 The Middleport village council re-advertised the sale in early 2006.

On September 13, 2006, Dan and Beth James met with the Middleport village council to outline plans to convert the former the high school and central school buildings into a “senior living campus.”9 According to the plan, apartment units for seniors would be constructed in the high school building and assisted living facilities and services would be built in the central building. The auditorium and gymnasium would be restored for use by residents and the general public. Funding would not come from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.


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