A gallery of other abandoned Kentucky schools.

Arjay School

The Arjay School is located in the former Arjay Coal Company town of Arjay, Kentucky.

Big Rock School

Big Rock School is located along Cane Creek near Jackson, Kentucky. The two-story structure was constructed of load-bearing sandstone by the Works Progress Administration and closed in the 1970’s. A neighboring church now owns the building and has plans to rehabilitate it.

Blaine School

The Blaine School, a Works Progress Administration (WPA) project, was located in Blaine, Kentucky.

Edmonton High School

Edmonton High School is a former high school in Edmonton, Kentucky. Organized in January 1910, 3 construction of the first permanent school building did not begin until 1923. 4 It opened in 1924.

Farmington High School

Farmington High School, located on Hackshaw Street in Farmington, Kentucky and was constructed in 1934 1 by the Kentucky Emergency Relief Administration. It closed in 1986 when it, along with five others, were consolidated to form the Graves County High School.

Grassy School

The Grassy School was located in Grassy, Kentucky.

Irvine High School

The Irvine High School in Irvine, Kentucky was constructed in 1930.

Kettle Island School

The Kettle Island School was located in Kettle Island, Kentucky and was constructed by the Pioneer Coal Company. The coal camp, named for the early settlers who did laundry in a common kettle on an island in Straight Creek, was formed in 1912.

Kevil School

The Kevil School was located in Kevil, Kentucky.

Lawton School

The Lawton School is a former school in Lawton, Kentucky that closed in 1994 when it and Clark Hill and Grahn was merged into Olive Hill Elementary. 2

Lynn School

The Lynn School was located in Lynn, Kentucky. It was demolished in 2016.

Morgan School

The Morgan School in Morgan, Kentucky was constructed in 1929.

Oddville School

The Oddville School is located in Oddville, Kentucky.

Oxford School

The Oxford School is located in Oxford, Kentucky. It was completed in 1928.

Pleasant Home School

The Pleasant Home School is located in Pleasant Home, Kentucky.

Pleasant Retreat Ridge School

The Pleasant Retreat Ridge School is located along KY 625 south of Milton, Kentucky.

Rocky Branch School

Rocky Branch School is located in Wayne County, Kentucky was built by the Works Progress Administration and opened in 1941. 5 Designed by R.F. Graff and an engineer, his brother, Herbert Graff, Rocky Branch (and the county high school) cost a combined $100,000. The sandstone exterior was quarried from the Day Ridge Quarry in McCreary County.

Tomahawk School

The Tomahawk School is located in Tomahawk, Kentucky and was constructed by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). It closed in 2002 when it and the Grassy School was merged into the new Eden Elementary School.