Trap Hill School was located in Surveyor, West Virginia and served the Trap Hill district from its inception in 1930 until a new facility was constructed in the 2000’s. It served as a 1 through 12 grade school from 1930 to 1951 and as a 7 through 12 middle and high school until 1961. From 1961 to 177, Trap Hill School was a 9 through 12 high school and then a 7 through 8 middle school.During its tenure as a high school, Trap Hill graduated an average of 64 students per year for a total of 3,010.2

The Winding Gulf coalfield in Raleigh County was rapidly developing in the early 20th century and the need for new schools was great. The original school in the Surveyor region was one built in 1915 at Eccles.2 On July 21, 1928, a special election to decide on a $75,000 school bond for a new high school at Surveyor was held.1 The election results were 612 for and 324 against the new school bond. It was also decided that the new school should named after the trapping of animals for their fur in the rich woodlands in the surrounding mountains.

Five acres were acquired at condemnation and construction began in 1929 for a two-story school with ten classrooms, chemistry laboratory, home economics kitchen, library, gymnasium and four restrooms. The new building was finished in September 1930 at a cost of $90,000.1 It was not until early 1931 that four coal-fired boilers were installed in the school, and electric and telephone lines were strung to the new school.A vocational-agricultural shop was added later in the year.

A lighted playing field for football games was added in 1947.In the early 1950’s, the vocational-agricultural shop was replaced with an addition at the western edge of the complex, which included industrial arts, commerce, and guidance departments. A second gymnasium was built in 1965 and was named after the principal, Harvey F. Pauley. The basement of the gymnasium was remodeled to serve the music department and the original gymnasium was converted into a cafeteria.

Trap Hill School was demolished in late December 2013.3