Monsour Medical Center, located in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, was demolished last month. The hospital was founded in 1952 as a roadside clinic in “Senator Brown’s Mansion” along U.S. Route 30.

Monsour had been in hot financial waters since 1980 when it initially filed for bankruptcy protection. After becoming insolvent four times and being cited for poor regulatory practices, Monsour Medical Center closed on March 16, 2006. For the ten years that followed, the abandoned hulk in Jeannette was torched and vandalized to no end. Inside were hundreds of needles, many of them used, patient documents, and furnishings. It became nearly impossible for the city to secure the large facility – partially due to ownership issues.

Frustrated by failed attempts to have the Monsour family demolish the deteriorated hospital, the city of Jeannette and Westmoreland County signed an agreement of cooperation to work together to secure and begin demolition of the Monsour Medical Center in December 2013. The county applied for a $1 million state grant to tear down Monsour in January 2014 and began making moves to gain ownership of the property through a “free and clear” sale held by a county judge by notifying lien holders of their intent. It cost only $15,000 for the property.

The city obtained some private funding via the Neighborhood Partnership Program and began demolition of two dilapidated houses near the former hospital in late January 2014. On February 23, 2016, the main hospital complex was knocked down over a period of two days.

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