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These long interior ‘tunnels,’ which were not buried in the ground, allowed patients to traverse Peters Veterans Administration Hospital without being exposed to the weather or having to share space with steam pipes and electrical conduits.


Monsour Medical Center Razed

Monsour Medical Center, located in Jeannette, Pennsylvania, was demolished last month. The hospital was founded in 1952 as a roadside clinic in “Senator Brown’s Mansion” along U.S. Route 30.

In Focus

Knox County Infirmary Fire

The Knox County Infirmary, located in central Ohio, caught fire on June 26, 2015. Eight fire and medic departments responded to the scene.


Knox County Infirmary

Located in central Ohio, the Knox County Infirmary served children, the elderly and those with mental or physical illness. The grand and imposing building was developed on the Bricker Farm near Bangs Station.