Indiana Archives - Abandoned by Sherman Cahal

Exploring the Moser Leather Company

The Moser Leather Company manufactured high-grade leather for harnesses and collar manufacturers before expanding into wholesale leather.

Revisiting the Indiana Army Ammunition Plant

Several weeks ago, I revisited the Indiana Army Ammunitions Plant. INAAP, which manufactured smokeless gunpowder, was the largest of its type in the world.

Power Plant Demolition Video

Two power plants, constructed for the Indiana Ammunitions Depot in Indiana, were demolished in 2011-12. Check out the amazing video from the implosion!

Walking Dead

Exploring a disused military ammunition depot brings back thoughts of the Walking Dead.

Milroy, Indiana’s High School

Milroy, Indiana’s high school was constructed in 1913 with several large additions tacked on over the years.

Tour the Indianapolis Catacombs

To be offered beginning in June, the Indianapolis, Indiana Catacomb tours will take the public beneath City Market into mostly unknown catacombs that date to 1886. The cavernous walkways, featuring brick archways and columns of limestone, encompass more than 20,000 square feet and were part of Tomlinson Hall, a structure along Market Street that burned in 1958.

Biggest Population Losses

After a recent drive through Cairo, Illinois (article forthcoming), and seeing the effects of decades of racial segregation and violence, and then economic decline and population loss, I wondered what other major and minor cities in the United States has experienced such steep and dramatic losses? Besides Cairo, Detroit and Wheeling, I asked my Facebook readers of other examples.

Exploring rural Indiana

Despite the overarching theme of Abandoned to explore an abandonment in urbanized areas, there is a lot to be said for getting lost through the rural, blank landscape of the Midwest.