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Hotel Belvedere Burns

The historic Hotel Belvedere in Apollo, Pennsylvania burned to the ground shortly after midnight on July 24, 2019.


Rise and Fall of St. Michael’s

Many churches in the Rust Belt region of the United States were built as a result of the development of domestic steel mills in the early 20th century. And many were closed with the collapse of the steel industry.

At the least, St. Michael’s didn’t share the fate of so many others in the Pittsburgh region, and has since been reused for an advertising agency.



These long interior ‘tunnels,’ which were not buried in the ground, allowed patients to traverse Peters Veterans Administration Hospital without being exposed to the weather or having to share space with steam pipes and electrical conduits.


The Suwannee Belle

Driving home to upstate New York on a cold, blustery evening, I stopped to visit a childhood memory: the everlasting tourist attraction, Roadside America. But I arrived too late, and the building boasting one of the biggest model railroads in the nation and a kitchy gift shop was closed.

Determined to make the best of the waning evening, I stopped by next door to visit the ruined Suwannee Belle.


Volkswagen Junkyard

Somewhere in rural Pennsylvania is a Volkswagen junkyard. Scattered through the Appalachian hardwoods are hundreds of Type 1 (Beetle, Bug), Type 2 (Bus) and Type 3 (Notchback, Squareback) automobiles.