Photography is Not a Crime

Photography is not a crime. I would have never realized that standing along a highway shoulder would garner a gun being shot!

Rust Belt Pennsylvania

Exploring western Pennsylvania, the heart of the Rust Belt.

Vintage Electric Streetcars

I’ve been sworn to secrecy about the location of these vintage electric streetcars. But I cannot resist my excitement about these old trolleys that were once transportation staples in the United States and elsewhere.

Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Church is located near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and was host to a Slovak Catholic congregation. Designed by F.W. Wilson of McKeesport in…

Penn-Lincoln Hotel

The Penn-Lincoln Hotel is an abandoned hotel in Wilkinsburg, Pennsylvania that is scheduled for demolition.

Westinghouse Flood Gate

Now disused, the Westinghouse Flood Gate was constructed along Turtle Creek near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as a method to prevent catastrophic floods.

Monsour Medical Center Demolition Starts

Frustrated by years of failed attempts to have the Monsour Medical Center demolished, the city of Jeannette and Westmoreland County have teamed up.

Victor Brewing Company

Southwestern Pennsylvania was once a region defined by its neighborhood breweries, and loyalty to a specific beer was often defined by where you lived. The Victor Brewing Company was no different.

Revisiting Jeannette Glass

Some time back, I revisited Jeannette Glass in Pennsylvania as I came across an outdated article regarding its pending demolition. Fearing that Jeannette could be gone sooner rather than later, I packed my bags, hopped into my car, dialed up some music and pointed my compass east.