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From the window of my hotel room in Beckley, I could see the leaves billowing down the street among a fine rain punctuated by dark, gloomy skies. It was perfect road trip weather,

4 must see New River ghost towns

Ghost towns along the New River in West Virginia are aplenty. What makes these three unique is that they lay within the New River Gorge National River!

Waldo Hotel Fire

A minor fire in at the Waldo Hotel in Clarksburg, West Virginia yesterday evening did no damage to the historic building.

Cass, West Virginia

Explore the Greenbrier River valley in West Virginia with an overview of Cass and the connecting Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Greenbrier Division.

The Ghost Town of Nuttallburg, West Virginia

Nuttallburg, West Virginia is located along the New River in Fayette County and was a coal mining venture that was spawned out of England-born entrepreneur John Nuttall. Nuttallburg became the second mining town in the gorge to ship “smokeless” coal, with the last mine closing in 1958.

The (near) Ghost Town of Thurmond, West Virginia

Thurmond, West Virginia is a fascinating town along the New River in Fayette County. With just a population of five, Thurmond served as an important stop for the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad before the advent of the diesel locomotive era.