These photographs are from the long-abandoned Van Nattas Pumping Station in Ithaca, New York, taken in 2016 while on a life changing, several-week-long road trip to the Finger Lakes.

At the time, I was living in Cleveland, Ohio and wasn’t all that thrilled about my living situation. I was playing the revolving contractor life and was just let go from a temporary position at the Federal Reserve Bank when funds ran dry. My neighborhood was rough, and the living arrangements were just okay. Sure, I was surrounded by grit and decay, but it just wasn’t satisfying.

I was missing nature, missing small-town life, missing easy back road romping.

So I hopped in my Subaru, made a long drive to New York, and fell in love with the area’s many waterfalls and historical artifacts. One of the many stops was at Van Nattas.

From that point, I decided to make the effort to move to Ithaca and began my long and frustrating job search. After several dead-ends, I was finally able to secure a dream position at a local college. In early 2017, I said goodbye to Cleveland and hello to Ithaca and have not looked back since.