This Ashland Gasoline Station is located along Kentucky Route 15 in Jackson, Kentucky and is in danger of being demolished. In operation until fairly recently, it is the only Ashland station with the trademark “A” logo on the side, an unmodified exterior and an Ashland station logo.

The Ashland Refining Company, founded in 1924 in Ashland, Kentucky as the refining arm of the Swiss Oil Company of Lexington, was merged with Swiss in 1936 to form the Ashland Oil & Refining Company, later becoming a component of Ashland, Inc. In 1998, the petroleum division of Ashland Inc. merged with Marathon Oil to form Marathon Ashland Petroleum (MAP), and Ashland sold its shares of its MAP in 2005 – exiting the gasoline business completely.

Ashland Gasoline Station, Jackson, Kentucky

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