The story of a forgotten America.

Blast from the past: Ewing, Virginia

A blast from the past: Ewing, Virginia.

Why I have not yet traveled the back roads of southwest Virginia is a mystery to me. While a modern four-lane highway meanders through the rolling farmlands of the Indian and Poor Creek valley, the old routes that occasionally split off offer a glimpse of a part of America that is being forgotten. An excellent case study is Ewing.

Ewing, Virginia theater.
Ewing, Virginia Texaco Service Station
Texaco service station.
Historic residence...
Historic residence…
...turned into storage facility office, now closed.
…turned into storage facility office, now closed.
Former Gulf station in Ewing.
Former Gulf station in Ewing.

Ewing, Virginia

Ewing, Virginia
The service station was last used in 1970.


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I used to live in Ewing, I grew up there and my family still lives there I used to go in that store and buy candy I also went and saw movies in the Theatre on of the only things to do. The ones who owned it also owned the beauty salon and barber shop next door. When I go visit my family its sad my little town where I used to play on the railroad tracks which are now gone to put in the four lane ,is gone. It used to be a working town where you could go and see people you knew like family (basically the whole town) and they were living life. There used to be a supermarket there and it was replaced by a shoe store now boarded up like most things there. So sad I wished I could have money to make that town lively again.

Gloria Cheek

Wow. I think my uncle used to own this place. I remember visiting this place when my family vacationed here in the 60’s. Thanks.

I used to travel through here, enroute to my Aunt's in Pennington Gap from 1977-1985, my parents made the same journey beginning in 1966. This part of the world has always been special.

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