Three antique fire trucks, once owned by a firefighter and township trustee, have been abandoned for nearly 20 years outside of an unassuming but well-shielded home in New York.

One of those vintage vehicles is a circa 1956 American LaFrance 700 Series fire truck and appears to be equipped with a Twin-Flow 750-GPM pump, a 300-gallon water tank, and a Continental gasoline engine. American LaFrance was a South Carolina-based manufacturer of fire engines and aerials, and other emergency apparatus with roots that go back to 1832 when it built hand-drawn, horse-drawn, and steam-powered fire engines. The company closed in 2014.

Behind the residence is a circa 1960-1966 fire truck using a GMC B-6000 cowled chassis and appears to feature a 300-GPM pump and an 800-gallon tank.

There is also a circa 1953-66 fire truck with a Mack B85 chassis with a Thermodyne inline-6 diesel engine. The attractive streamlined design features a sloped windshield, large, rounded fenders, and the signature chrome bulldog hood ornament.

With the owner having been deceased for two decades, and potentially no relatives living, it is likely that at some point the property will be auctioned at a tax deed sale for unpaid property taxes. The future of these fire trucks is unclear.