The month January has been turbulent, but updates to Abandoned have been plenty. Between interviews at prospective employers, unimpressive weather, and unpaid holidays, I have had considerable downtime to crank out new content.

Earlier in December, Abandoned, the website, underwent a major style overhaul, its first in two years. The goals of the site overhaul included increasing site responsiveness on all devices, adding whitespace, lightening the background and reducing font height. The style was further tweaked into January to improve image gallery handling on mobile phones.

New articles have been released. The first, from the Mountain State, covered the checkered past of the West Virginia Motor Speedway. I only visited the site briefly as a storm was rolling in, but the forlorn site may be redeveloped into an industrial park. It’s better late than never to visit and boy, did the long-exposure photos do the site justice.

West Virginia Motor Speedway

Photos, both new and old of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad Lexington Subdivision in Kentucky, were added. Even though I have long explored this abandoned rail line, those photos never had a home until now.

The Willard Asylum for the Insane, a former state hospital in New York, was next to be featured. While much of the mental institution was reused and is the Willard Drug Treatment Center today, there are buildings that have been disused for a greater part of two decades. It was a treat to wander the halls of the former asylum.

Finally, the Spirella Company of Niagara Falls, New York was included. Spirella manufactured corsets for decades before it became a nursing home in the 1960’s and vacated in 2003. The discovery of Spirella was accidental, only coming onto its history while doing a search of Sanborn Fire Insurance Company maps for that region.

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